EGD Simulator to the rescue

EGD Simulator by Nubisware released as Open Source!

EGD Simulator to the rescue

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Learning never exhausts the mind. – Leonardo da Vinci –

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. – Napoleon Hill –

In its nearly two years of life, Nubisware has already gone along different more or less successful paths.

One of the journeys that has taught us very interesting lessons is the one we followed side by side with our partner GS&S in the development of MoDiS a Monitoring and Diagnostic Software for the industrial domain.

The industrial domain is a rather consolidated one that has its long lived rules, practices, tools and protocols.

Sometimes it has been though for computer scientists devoted to opensource, as we are, to understand what is the correct tooling and where to find opensource libraries and instrumentation that allows for connecting and testing hardware devices which are not commonly available off the shelf.

One such hardware components, we have been asked to interface to by our partner, is the MarK VIe device by GE Automation. Thanks to the great support of GS&S, we have been able to interact with a Mark VIe CPU in their laboratories from time to time. Most importantly we got some example exports of likely industrial plant configurations.

Once we’ve dug deeply enough into the details of the GE-EGD protocol, which is the most efficient way to communicate with the Mark VIe device, we decided that implementing a software simulator for a GE-EGD source could be feasible. This tool would allow us to continuously test and optimize our GE-EGD consumer software without depending on the availability of a real device.

Today, Nubisware in agreement with GS&S, felt that it would be great to release our EGDSimulator on GitHub for the open source community with the hope to help out other developers, engineers or students the same way we have got support from domain experts who preceded us and who released software which is of great help and inspiration such as PyVisa, PyVisaPy, Eclipse MILO, Coolprop.

Happy simulation!